Day 42 #SelfReflection60 – Mojo

A drawing of a boy, mole, fox and horse travelling across countryside.
From “The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse” by Charlie Mackesy.

“Is your glass half empty, or half full?” asked the mole.
“I think I’m grateful to have a glass” said the boy

This just brings to mind a stark difference in thinking.  There are those whose life is all about ‘stuff’, how much ‘stuff’ they can accrue, getting the best types of ‘stuff’ to show that they’ve made it in the world.  I’ve never held much belief in having lots of expensive ‘stuff’, I don’t think the richness of your life is demonstrated through possessions.  That all sounds very minimalist and probably like a nun, but I don’t mean that at all.  I have lots of ‘stuff’ but it all has some meaning to me, I keep the things that I can look back on and link to a memory.  None of it is worth anything to anyone else, and that’s why it means so much to me.  I appreciate the sentimental things, I’m grateful to have those memories.  Most of us are grateful to just have the glass rather than thinking about how much is in it. 

As for the whole positive/negative mindset of glass half empty or full, well I don’t think you are just one or the other.  Different elements of your life are viewed through different lenses.  Sometimes the circumstance leads you to a positive frame and other times to a negative one.  Maybe we should all just strive to top up the glass of the other person.  So that everyone can be full instead of half of one thing or another.  Think of it like a mojo tank, give a little to others until they are contentedly full and inspired to see a positive path.  This of course means that we need to make sure our tank has enough reserves, because if we only give, then our tank will be depleted, and we’re no use to anyone. 

It’s hard to accept things from others at times.  Whether it’s help, attention, advice, guidance, love or joy, these are all things we automatically try to believe we don’t need, that we’re fine, our tank is full, it’s all good.  I can’t stress how essential it is to receive all of these things openly, especially if you are usually the giver.  Take time to notice when the people around you are trying to top up your tank, this doesn’t mean you have to follow the advice or listen to the guidance, but you should appreciate the sentiment behind the giving.  I’m grateful to have a glass, but I’m so much more grateful to those who know me that try to top it up, even if it is sometimes with wine or gin. 

Published by Snowysel

A people person looking to get back into the HR game. Married, no kids, loves animals, voracious reader, Highland heart.

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